• Friday 13.12. at 6 p.m. The Greatest Christmas Carols at the Joensuu Church, Papinkatu 1, with Narrow Way and Ara Hayabedian
  • Monday 16.12. at 6 p.m. International Christmas Songs in Ukkola villagehouse, address Rukavedentie 7, Eno. This annual music event includes community singing in many languages, musical performances, speeches and cafeteria. Everyone is welcome to join the event. Free entrance. If you have any questions, please contact music teacher Maiju Ahlholm: kansainvaliset@gmail.com, 040 4686611. The evening is organised by Veräjä r.y., Ukkola village society and congregation of Eno.
    Possibility to go by buss from Joensuu, where the bus transportation leaves at 5 pm at Kirkkokatu 28. Info and signing up  (needed till 9th Dec ). More information: ulla.rissanen@evl.fi or topi.nieminen@evl.fi
  • Christmas Eve Monday 24.12. at 1 p.m Christmas Service at the Joensuu Church, Papinkatu 1b. Accompanied by Narrow Way.